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Complete Rails app + dev environment.
One command.
Nothing to install.

As long as you have Docker, you can be up and running with Rails in just minutes with a single command.
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The "rails new" command is great—but it doesn't give you a complete and ready development environment.

If you want to start coding on a new Rails application, you're not exactly done when you finish typing rails new.

You also typically need to set up some dependencies, including:

The typical way of handling these is to install and configure them one-by-one, and then run them one-by-one too. It's a little bit tedious.

And it can be seriously tedious on a new computer that doesn't even have all your dependencies (e.g. RVM, PostgreSQL, etc.) installed.

Docker solves these problems, but Docker's learning curve is steep

If you have a Dockerized Rails application, you don't have to manually install and run your app's dependencies.

With a Dockerized app you can run a single command on any computer and be running your Rails app in just a few minutes. You don't even have to have Ruby or Rails installed on your computer.

But this of course means you have to have a Dockerized Rails application. Unless you've already spent a lot of time with Docker, this can be a very serious undertaking. Dockerizing a Rails app isn't easy.

What if you could enjoy all the benefits of a Dockerized Rails app, without having to actually Dockerize a Rails app?

What if there were a tool that just Dockerized your new Rails app for you?

You could run a command—even on a fresh computer that doesn't have anything but Docker installed—and get a fully Dockerized Rails app that will run with zero configuration changes?

And as a bonus, what if your new Rails app came with a lot of work done for you already?

What if this tool not only gave you a fully Dockerized Rails app, but gave you an app that already included much of the work that you have to do anyway?

For example, as long as we're generating an app, it would be nice if the app came with Devise, RSpec, Tailwind, and even a working test suite so you don't have to set up all that stuff from scratch.

Introducing Instant Rails

With a single command, Instant Rails gives you a Dockerized Rails app. Not only does the command generate the Rails app, but it runs the app too.

This means that after you generate your app, all you have to do is visit your app in the browser and see it working. No additional steps.

You can use Instant Rails by invoking the following command.

$ curl|sh -s hello_world d59acc96f84c

hello_world is the name of the app and d59acc96f84c is the license key in this example.

After you've run the above step, just visit localhost:3001 and see your new Rails app working. That's all there is to it!

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What's Included
Fully Dockerized Rails application
PostgreSQL Database
RSpec/Factory Bot/Capybara
Starter test suite
Simple Form
Fully Dockerized Rails application
PostgreSQL Database
RSpec/Factory Bot/Capybara
Starter test suite
Simple Form
One-time fee
One-time fee
One-time fee
One-time fee

What people are saying about Instant Rails

Success! Worked as advertised. Very cool. Took 5-6 minutes total, even on my slower cell hotspot. I'm going to dig in a little deeper with Docker now, but this gives me tremendous confidence and a headstart. Great work.
Robert Pierce
This is great! After stopping PostgreSQL and Redis, the install went flawlessly. This is going to be gamechanging! I’ve tried to create/install a Rails app with Docker in the past and it was a pain in the ass. I hope this makes you a millionaire.
Shawn Kearney
Probably one of the smoothest runs with docker :) Sent over $19, really wanted a starting point for learning more about running with docker.
Thomas McGoey-Smith


What are the prerequisites?
As long as you have Docker installed (specifically, Docker Compose), Instant Rails will work for you.
What version of Rails do I get?
Rails 6.1.
Does it work on Windows?
Not yet. Only Mac and Linux.
Does it work on M1 Macs?
Not yet.
What kind of support do you offer?
Free unlimited support via email.
What's the refund policy?
If you try Instant Rails and you're not satisfied for any reason, just email me and I'll give you a full refund.
What if I want to upgrade later?
If you want to upgrade to a higher tier later, all you have to do is pay the difference.